Chapter 3.2: Where the **** have I been?

It’s been a challenging few weeks. But then, when is it not?

After completing a round of exams, taking a break from some projects and letting a few aspects of my life get a little out of hand, it’s time to get back on track.

If anything, this was a much-needed reminder that medicine is the bottom line. Ultimately, as much as I enjoy exploring the nuances of nutrition and public health, exploring writing projects and verbally castrating the misinformed on social media, I still need to focus on the next steps in order to get my degree.

I’ve always been told that medicine is a marathon, but I’ve previously likened it more to an obstacle course. At this stage, I’ve gotten through the barbed wire fence, hurdled the giant wooden walls and crawled through ten feet of mud. My bones feel like lead, my muscles quiver under the weight of fatigue, but the end is in sight.

So I’m looking after number 1, focusing on my exams and trying to become a semi-competent clinician. I might experiment with some shorter blog posts, or just write whatever comes to me. If you happen to be reading this and want to know anything, anything at all, about me or medical school, then let me know.

Oh and when I say the end is in sight, I mean at the top of a steep hill, frozen over yet somehow aflame, whilst legions of old white men lay in wait to lecture me on how there is no racism problem in medicine.

Maybe I should write the Cambridge medical prospectus?

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