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Chapter 3.3: Dot the i

When a patient’s lungs are hooked up to a machine, it pays to be detail-oriented. It might sound obvious, but I think it summarises my time on ICU. It’s a bustling hub of numbers, machines, tubes and drugs and provides a very different challenge to the less-critical ward environment. ICU staff- be it doctors, nursesContinue reading “Chapter 3.3: Dot the i”

Reducing male suicides: “Man up” to man down

Content warning: this piece explores issues of mental health disorders and suicidality. It goes without saying that if you’re struggling to cope, please seek help. Useful resources can be found on https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/suicide/ and NHS 111 option 2 can help in a mental health crisis. —– In 2019, over four thousand men took their own livesContinue reading “Reducing male suicides: “Man up” to man down”

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