Chapter 3.6: Joining the Covid club

I couldn’t taste my morning coffee. Covid-19 has officially gone too far. I’ve previously written about the benefits (and drawbacks) of being a patient and a doctor/healthcare professional/student and now, as the lingering symptoms of my body’s battle continue to frustrate me, I can appreciate a fraction of the burden many patients face on aContinue reading “Chapter 3.6: Joining the Covid club”

Chapter 3.5: The extremes of modern medicine

There was once a time where a headache was treated by drilling into the skull and a cure for jaundice was swallowing nine lice mixed with ale (aka a Wetherspoon’s IPA). Since then, medicine has come a long way. We can now stop a beating heart, operate, and then bring the patient back from technicallyContinue reading “Chapter 3.5: The extremes of modern medicine”

Chapter 3.4: Match your agendas!

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught telepathy in medicine. I think it would make history taking much quicker, but may also lead to some unfortunate home-truths about our patient’s opinions on us. Also how would consent work? And how much control would we have over which aspects of the brain we can access? And if it wentContinue reading “Chapter 3.4: Match your agendas!”

Chapter 3.3: Dot the i

When a patient’s lungs are hooked up to a machine, it pays to be detail-oriented. It might sound obvious, but I think it summarises my time on ICU. It’s a bustling hub of numbers, machines, tubes and drugs and provides a very different challenge to the less-critical ward environment. ICU staff- be it doctors, nursesContinue reading “Chapter 3.3: Dot the i”

Chapter 3.2: Where the **** have I been?

It’s been a challenging few weeks. But then, when is it not? After completing a round of exams, taking a break from some projects and letting a few aspects of my life get a little out of hand, it’s time to get back on track. If anything, this was a much-needed reminder that medicine isContinue reading “Chapter 3.2: Where the **** have I been?”