Chapter 3.4: Match your agendas!

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught telepathy in medicine. I think it would make history taking much quicker, but may also lead to some unfortunate home-truths about our patient’s opinions on us. Also how would consent work? And how much control would we have over which aspects of the brain we can access? And if it wentContinue reading “Chapter 3.4: Match your agendas!”

Chapter 2.3 Fear of the unknown

I have absolutely no idea what I want to specialise in. Right now I have two major schools of thought playing tug of war with my brain. On one side, those who say “there’s plenty of time to decide what you want to do”, and then on the other, the organised part of my brainContinue reading “Chapter 2.3 Fear of the unknown”

Week 2: the Best Laid Plans…

Apologies for any Of Mice and Men PTSD from the title, but this saying ends with “often go awry”. In medicine, disruptions are a daily occurrence and new situations present themselves to even the most experienced of doctors. This week on GP was very much a week of disruptions. Ordinarily, when things go wrong theContinue reading “Week 2: the Best Laid Plans…”

Social prescribing: why I’m flying the flag

The following is a blog I wrote for the National Social Prescribing Network. ~ People, on the whole, are quite complex. In medicine we tend to see a snapshot of a tired, ill patient and then fight against the ticking clock to match them with whatever medicine, treatment or referral best suits their disease. It’sContinue reading “Social prescribing: why I’m flying the flag”