Chapter 3.5: The extremes of modern medicine

There was once a time where a headache was treated by drilling into the skull and a cure for jaundice was swallowing nine lice mixed with ale (aka a Wetherspoon’s IPA). Since then, medicine has come a long way. We can now stop a beating heart, operate, and then bring the patient back from technicallyContinue reading “Chapter 3.5: The extremes of modern medicine”

Chapter 3.3: Dot the i

When a patient’s lungs are hooked up to a machine, it pays to be detail-oriented. It might sound obvious, but I think it summarises my time on ICU. It’s a bustling hub of numbers, machines, tubes and drugs and provides a very different challenge to the less-critical ward environment. ICU staff- be it doctors, nursesContinue reading “Chapter 3.3: Dot the i”

Chapter 3.1: Discomfort zone

So I’m now in my final year, around 9 months from qualifying as a doctor in the NHS, and yesterday I had a tummy ache after eating too many cookies. Growing up is weird, but I promise I have a good life lesson from this. Final year so far can be very succinctly summarised byContinue reading “Chapter 3.1: Discomfort zone”

Chapter 2.5: foetus to “feed us!”

It’s been a busy period trying to juggle multiple projects whilst slaloming around Covid-19. If I had a tragic backstory, I’d try out for Britain’s Got Talent. I had the pleasure of experiencing my Maternal and Child health block. To be honest, I wasn’t too excited about this at the start of the year. It’sContinue reading “Chapter 2.5: foetus to “feed us!””

Chapter 2.4: Last throw of the dice

It’s been a while! The outpouring of celebrities clamouring for my return has weighed too heavy on my mind, so I’m back with more reflections. In all seriousness, I’ve had a bit of a social media cleanse (there may be a post coming up on that) and took a little step back from my peripheralContinue reading “Chapter 2.4: Last throw of the dice”