Chapter 3.6: Joining the Covid club

I couldn’t taste my morning coffee. Covid-19 has officially gone too far. I’ve previously written about the benefits (and drawbacks) of being a patient and a doctor/healthcare professional/student and now, as the lingering symptoms of my body’s battle continue to frustrate me, I can appreciate a fraction of the burden many patients face on aContinue reading “Chapter 3.6: Joining the Covid club”

Chapter 2.1: a missing bone?!

Welcome back, and welcome to the first blog post of 2021. Last year was quite a ride; amongst the perpetual sh*thousery of the pandemic, I managed to regularly post my reflections, securing a permanent historical artefact that future scientists will surely study. “Past medical students were inexplicably obsessed with puns” they will conclude. And theyContinue reading “Chapter 2.1: a missing bone?!”

Racism in the NHS: how to be an ally

Written for Medics Academy Hi, I’m Hardeep and as a Cambridge medical student, I’m lucky enough to say I haven’t experienced any racism or discrimination in medicine. Well, I mean I’ve had a medical colleague ask me “why I’m so hairy?” and another assume I couldn’t attend an event because I was having an arrangedContinue reading “Racism in the NHS: how to be an ally”

Cognitive reframing: 3 tips to reduce doctors stress

The following is a blog post I wrote for The Joyful Doctor. ~ The mind is a wonderful and a terrible thing. It can store away an astounding number of facts, conjure up images from decades ago and completely change our perception of the world around us. Unfortunately, that can sometimes also be damaging. TheContinue reading “Cognitive reframing: 3 tips to reduce doctors stress”

Social prescribing: why I’m flying the flag

The following is a blog I wrote for the National Social Prescribing Network. ~ People, on the whole, are quite complex. In medicine we tend to see a snapshot of a tired, ill patient and then fight against the ticking clock to match them with whatever medicine, treatment or referral best suits their disease. It’sContinue reading “Social prescribing: why I’m flying the flag”