Chapter 3.4: Match your agendas!

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught telepathy in medicine. I think it would make history taking much quicker, but may also lead to some unfortunate home-truths about our patient’s opinions on us. Also how would consent work? And how much control would we have over which aspects of the brain we can access? And if it wentContinue reading “Chapter 3.4: Match your agendas!”

Chapter 3.3: Dot the i

When a patient’s lungs are hooked up to a machine, it pays to be detail-oriented. It might sound obvious, but I think it summarises my time on ICU. It’s a bustling hub of numbers, machines, tubes and drugs and provides a very different challenge to the less-critical ward environment. ICU staff- be it doctors, nursesContinue reading “Chapter 3.3: Dot the i”

Chapter 3.1: Discomfort zone

So I’m now in my final year, around 9 months from qualifying as a doctor in the NHS, and yesterday I had a tummy ache after eating too many cookies. Growing up is weird, but I promise I have a good life lesson from this. Final year so far can be very succinctly summarised byContinue reading “Chapter 3.1: Discomfort zone”

Chapter 2.6: The end is in sight

In two weeks I’ll be starting my final year of Cambridge medicine. The scariest thing? It doesn’t scare me! While you ponder that paradox, I’d like to insert a disclaimer: I’m very much aware that things will probably change and as I approach the final exams, apprenticeship and my first shift, I’ll probably have asContinue reading “Chapter 2.6: The end is in sight”

Chapter 2.5: foetus to “feed us!”

It’s been a busy period trying to juggle multiple projects whilst slaloming around Covid-19. If I had a tragic backstory, I’d try out for Britain’s Got Talent. I had the pleasure of experiencing my Maternal and Child health block. To be honest, I wasn’t too excited about this at the start of the year. It’sContinue reading “Chapter 2.5: foetus to “feed us!””